Poster Presentation on 3 June

3 June 2023 (Saturday) 9:00 – 16:00
Poster Presentation – Maple Room
B1.Moderator: Dr Ying Hon

Optometry Pathshala: an online education platform in Hindi for optometry students and practitioners
Menka Sharma
B2.Knowledge, attitude and willingness for eye donation in patients
Arun Dhungana
B3.Self-reported dry eyes and computer vision syndrome: a questionnaire-based study
Bashirah Ishak
B4.Orthokeratology in keratoconus: a case report
Amit Singh
B5.How did covid-19 lockdown affect contact lens users?
Shruthi Villavan
B6.Does blink reminder app help mobile phone users?
Preetha Ramprasat
B7.Significance of the assessment of ocular surface through digital slit-lamp
Pratyush Dhakal
B8.Comparison of VF and OCT parameters with and without positive family history of glaucoma
Sabitri Bhatta
B9.Visual evoked potential in children suffering from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
Amisha Gupta
B10.A normative database of ocular surface analyser quantitative metrics in a large healthy cohort
Ramkailash Gujar
B11.The tear film and meibomian gland (mg) morphology among young adults
Nagaraju Konda
B12.Ocular surface rehabilitation with scleral lens of bed ridden amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient during covid-19 pandemic
Aneja Abhilekh
B13.Establishing and characterizing mouse corneal alkali injury model for pre-clinical studies
Jyoti Rajput
B14.Development and characterization of rabbit corneal ulceration model for pre-clinical studies
Bharti Sangwan
B15.Outcomes of active vision therapy on a multiple focal healed choroiditis patient – a case report
Rajeev Prasad